Here are some useful questions to ask:

  1. What are the major risks and uncertainties facing the school?
  2. How does the Governing Board get the knowledge and experience it needs to oversee risk management
  3. How does risk get on the agenda?
  4. How does the Governing Board decide how much risk the school should take on?
  5. Who is responsible for managing risk?
  6. How does the school identify the risks it faces?
  7. How does the school assess the risk it faces?
  8. What strategies does the school use to manage risk?
  9. What records does the school keep on its risks?
  10. What is the school’s financial capacity to take on risks?
  11.  How are the Governing Board’s expectations for risk management communicated through the organisation?
  12. What plans does the school have for responding to crises?
  13. How does the school’s performance compare with its plan and budgets
  14. What has the school’s leadership team learnt from its experience with risk?
  15. How does the Governing Board assess its effectiveness in overseeing risk?