Don’t you recognise me?

I like having a coffee at Barlow & Fields when I’m in Leigh-on-Sea. It’s not just the coffee and cakes they have, or the friendly atmosphere – it’s also the fact they remember me.

We all want to be recognised. However, the only way we can be recognised is if we recognise the other person first. Needless to say, the way this is done is as important as the act itself. For example, in the rare moments I go to Starbucks, my name is taken as part of a process, which ensures I get the drink I paid for. It’s an efficient if not effective way of personalising their coffee drinking experience.

There are of course several ways to commit people’s names to memory but perhaps the most important one is choosing to care. It’s easy to think as customers that the businesses we use should care about us but shouldn’t we also take a moment, to at least find out the names of the people who deliver those services to us?